The Scott Hill Group


— phpMyEdit.class.php with some added functionality —

Added are banner rows with selectors to open and close a section of fields, a date selector is added using the jquery_ui library, a way to create a header with the contents of a specified field, and a way to create a double column edit display. To invoke these features use the phpMyEdit configuration array. The revised phpMyEdit.class.php file is required.

The mods are applicable to the View, Change, Delete, Copy and Add process.

  • 'select' => 'A', //date picker. The database type should be set to "date" and the value will be change to proper MySQL yyy-mm-dd format before being written.
  • 'banner' => 'banner text', //banner and closable block control. Use the up and down arrows on the display to open and close the block below the banner.
  • $opts['headingField'] = 'value' // value is the feild number to be used. A second header block at the top, having the value of a specific field in it.
  • 'page' => true; //a two/or more column page layout the break comming at the field having the 'page' property. The css needs to be set properly to get these to float left and right of each other.

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